My Vision

The youth of Greensville County hold a special place in my heart.  I believe we need to help our youth any way we can, because they are our future.  The youth today face many challenges.  By having worked full time in law enforcement, I understand and believe these issues stem from not having anything to do.  The lack of resources and community involvement has left a lasting negative impact on our youth.  I have a strong interest in our youth because of my work with the juvenile court system for 15 years.  I’ve seen a lot of our youth go astray.


Youth Programs

As a community leader, I recognize the importance of youth enrichment programs, I am committed to opening a youth center in our community.

I believe our community can offer more activities for youth at after-school recreation centers.  It would be an effective deterrent to keep them out of trouble.  My vision would be for the county to have a recreation centers with a range of activities such as an outdoor basketball court that is run by floor monitors, swimming pool, hand ball, weight room etc.  The City of Emporia has the YMCA but many parents cannot afford to join.  The Boys and Girls Club that was located in the city limits closed down.  A proposal to establish a Boys and Girls Club will be a step in the right direction, because without it, statistics shows a large majority of our youth will continue breaking the law from adolescent to adulthood.

When I am elected, I will be an advocate for improving our school system, public recreation facilities and help develop a strategic plan to attract new businesses for employment and to increase our tax base to reduce tax burden on our citizens.

The roads in some areas, especially the Hicksford District, are very dangerous on rainy days due to poor drainage.  I will strongly pursue and support every effort to improve our infrastructure and services for our youth and senior citizens.

Foreign Investment in Domestic Businesses are always looking for good areas like this county. I have invested and have a solar power at my personal residence.  I also strongly support solar panel farms for our area.  When I am elected, I will conduct additional research to inform other board members of the benefits and advantages of allowing solar farms to be established in our area, and ask board members to reconsider proposals and consider future solar panel farm proposals for our area.

As part of the Board of Supervisors, I will ensure the following:

  • The interests and concerns of all residents in the Hicksford District are addressed
  • Interests and concerns of citizens in other districts are addressed
  • Citizens are informed of all official meeting decisions
  • Including…
  • Address Land Owner Rights/Promote common sense policy and regulations

Put your trust in my vision and vote James R. Brown!



The education of our children directly impacts our community and economic development. I will partner with our school systems to initiate positive outcomes for our children and teachers.


Community Improvements

The maintenance of our infrastructure is crucial to the safety of our citizens. I will work to help initiate projects to improve our roads in the Hicksford District to ensure the safety of all citizens.


Industrial Development

I am a strong advocate of landowner rights and opportunities to enhance the industrial development of our county. The use of solar power as an energy source is an initiative of my campaign. I personally use solar power as an energy source in my home and I understand its benefits to our community.